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 When it comes to getting top dollar for your home, sometimes staging it can make all the difference.

Budget and easy ways to stage your home

Modern Living Room

Hiring a professional may not be in everyone’s budget. If your home is small, tidy, well-maintained and relatively new, there are definitely simple and cost-effective things you can do to get your home in the best possible shape for buyers.

Here are six tips:

1. Pack up family photos, knickknacks and any other items that you don’t need to have on display. This helps get a jump on packing, too.


2. Do a deep clean of every room. Make sure appliances gleam, bathrooms are sparkling and there is no dust anywhere.


3. Clean off kitchen counters so only what you really need is visible. Or better yet, put everything away and under the counter.


4. Remember that buyers will be opening closets and cupboards, so empty 50 per cent of their contents. Pack up any off-season clothing,  As well as any items you won’t need before you move. Storage is a huge selling point so when someone opens your closet, you want them to see how much space is available.


5. Steam clean carpets. If you have carpeting, then making sure it’s clean and stain-free is key. Rent a steamer and do it yourself to save some money. Clean hardwood floors and tiles so they shine.


6. Do a sniff test. If you can smell pets, cooking odours, etc. even after a major cleaning consider investing in an air purifier.

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