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Mortgage Lenders

Mortgage lender is the entity that actually provides the funds to the buyer and will retain the mortgage on the property. After the mortgage is secured, the lender may sell the mortgage loan to another entity who would then becomes the mortgage holder.

Market Analysis

Mortgage lenders lend money directly to you. Mortgages are available from several types of lenders, such as:


  1. banks

  2. caisses populaires

  3. mortgage companies

  4. insurance companies

  5. trust companies

  6. loan companies

  7. credit unions


Different lenders may have different interest rates and conditions for similar products. Talk to several lenders to make sure you’re getting the best mortgage product for your needs.

Although you may decide to switch lenders later, it’s important to be comfortable with the lender and the mortgage options they offer you right from the start. If you switch lenders after signing your mortgage contract, your lender may charge you a prepayment penalty. Make sure you understand the terms and condition of your mortgage contract.

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